#ArabHelp - DALnet's Arabic Help Channel



  • #ArabHelp is an Arabic language help channel, that help Non-English speakers with primarily DALnet commands and IRC commands, secondary we may also help with subjects none related to DALnet and IRC if the #ArabHelp is not busy and the helper assisting is comfortable with that topic.
  • Arabic users are encouraged to change their services (chanserv, nickserv, memoserv) language to Arabic by using /msg nickserv@services.dal.net LANG AR.
  • Users are also encouraged to visit http://docs.dal.net (Translated in different languages including arabic) and http://help.dal.net for resourceful information.
  • Please do not copy/paste in public, if you need to paste information, staff from #ArabHelp will ask you to paste what’s needed in a private /query window.
  • Do not msg channel staff unless asked by the staff or after asking permission.
  • English and/or Arabic languages are permitted.
  • No scripts allowed (/remote off).
  • Please respect channel staff and helpers, they are here to assist you, and are volunteers. No offensive language/attitude will be tolerated.
  • Complaints should be directed to #ArabHelp staff after obtaining permission to privately message them.
  • #ArabHelp is not a chat channel, priority goes to assisting users however it doesn’t mean no fun is allowed at appropriate times.
  • No advertising/flooding/swearing.
  • Bad nicknames and Ident are not allowed.
  • Idlers are permitted at the discretion of the staff. (no eggdrops/bots)
  • For IRCop assistance, please join #OperHelp.


  • Helpers must be approved by existing channel’s staff before starting to help.
  • Only one helper per user. First come first serve basis.
  • No auto-greetings scripts.
  • Do not interrupt while help is in progress.
  • Mind the channels that you join while in #ArabHelp, you represent DALnet and #ArabHelp as whole.
  • Correcting another helper should be done through /notice <nickname> <Correction Here> we are not here to make each other look bad. We believe in TEAM WORK.
  • Selecting our staff is a long process, once proven yourself, a vote will take place.
  • /msg nickserv@services.dal.net is the form of command that should be used in order to assist a user since it’s a general command for IRC clients. i.e: /nickserv and /ns might not work on some IRC clients.
  • If you don’t know or unsure of the solution to a user’s inquiry, please DO NOT hesitate to inquire by seeking help from fellow staffers, again TEAM WORK is the way we function. Also advise the user to be patient while you find the correct answer.
  • If available and decide to take charge of assisting a user, we demand your full attention on the help process, users are here to find a quick answer.
  • Please offer detailed help. i.e: give the nickname registration command followed by a docs.dal.net link.
  • If using external links to share with users, please make sure the links are from a known or official source. We prefer DALnet links (Docs.dal.net or help.dal.net) as a priority before using external links.


  • Please deop yourself if inactive or AFK
  • If you voice a user (Helper) you take full responsibility of them while they are voiced, please devoice user when you are away from your keyboard or leave.
  • No channel protection scripts. XFLAGs should take care of channel protection.
  • Kick/Banning should be your last option, however trolls and trouble makers that don’t listen to warnings will be banned for a maximum period of 30 min.
  • Patience is key, ask users question if you don’t understand the question.  Your main objective is to resolve the situation.
  • Please advise if you are going to be absent for a while or in vacation mode.
  • AOps are allowed to take on 1 apprentice.